Innovative Solutions

As innovative leaders, we are delivering uniquely sustainable solutions to meet our consumer needs using our innovative rigid vinyl to offer genuine recycled choices.

Genuine Recycle

Kappus Plastic Company manufactures 20% to 90% genuine recycled material. We offer two basic colorings, grayish and whitish. Both colors are available in varying percentages of genuine recycled content. We also produce custom percentages to meet a customer’s requirement.

The grayish genuine recycled material is made using post-industrial recycled scrap generated by the card industry.
Grayish genuine recycled material is a medium gray in the 90% product and becomes less gray in varying degrees.

The whitish genuine recycled material is made using scrap generated by a variety of sources, including the card industry. The whitish genuine recycled material is desired most in the card industry.

As the leader in manufacturing custom colors, Kappus Plastic Company also offers custom color matching for our genuine recycled material as well as black genuine recycled material. Both custom colors and black are available in varying degrees of genuine recycled material.

All genuine recycled materials can be used in the following applications: gift cards, promotional cards, ID cards, signs, membership cards, hotel key cards, tags, and advertising items as well as many others. Contact our Customer Service Agents to discuss your needs today.