Product Information

Kappus Plastic Company, Inc. manufactures

material for customers throughout the world

Our calendered rigid vinyl can be used in a myriad of applications.

We offer the following:

Surface: matte/matte sheets and rolls

Gauges: standard 9 – 30 mil (please inquire on custom needs)

Sheet sizes: customized to meet your needs

Packaging: customized to meet your needs

(for both standard and specialty products)

Standard Products include:

  • Whites
  • Blacks
  • Colors
  • Clears
  • Stress Colors
  • Custom Colors

Specialty Products include:

  • Transparents Colors
  • Fluorescent Opaques
  • Fluorescent Edge-Glows
  • Metallics

Metallic core stock offers a metallic appearance without an initial coating of ink that can be beautifully enhanced with an overlay.  Our tremendous selection of metallic core is available in many colors, such as gold, silver, copper, maroon, metallic lavender, metallic tan, metallic red, metallic blue, metallic brown, and metallic maroon.

We offer custom color matching on all of our products to meet your specialized color requirements.

Sustainable Product:

  • Genuine Recycled Material