From Process to Products

Everything we do at Kappus Plastic Company, from process to products, quality is central to our business. Because of our complete dedication to our products, our client retention rate is unparalleled in the industry. Our precision engineered formula’s are designed to manufacture the best material our customer’s require for their end use applications.

We seek to produce the highest quality product in the industry. Kappus Plastic Company’s investment in excellent machinery and efficient testing equipment in our lab provides advanced lab research, superb capabilities, and exceptional color matching abilities to meet our customer’s customized job requirements.

Raw materials are tested for variables and attributes to ensure proper calibration for job commitments. Thorough production processes, along with continually checked and monitored production inspections allow us to produce consistently. Compliance in this discipline ensures a consistent process throughout our operations.

Our business philosophy is to minimize waste and increase productivity using lean techniques that have environmental benefits. With lean initiatives, we reduce material use, create less scrap, and reduce water and energy use all while producing more efficiently.